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"Tesla has contributed more to electrical science than any man up to his time."

Lord Kelvin (26 June 1824–17 December 1907) was an outstanding leader in the physical sciences of the 19th century.

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"The evolution of electric power from the discovery of Faraday to the initial great installation of the Tesla polyphase system in 1896 is undoubtedly the most tremendous event in all engineering history."

Charles F. Scott (1864 – 1944) Nikola Tesla’s assistant in developmental work on the alternating-current induction motor.

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"[Tesla is] an eminent pioneer in the realm of high frequency currents... I congratulate [him] on the great successes of [his] life's work."

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is widely regarded as the most important scientist of the 20th century.

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"The world, I think, will wait a long time for Nikola Tesla's equal in achievement and imagination."

Edwin H. Armstrong (1890 – 1954) was an American electrical engineer and inventor of FM radio.

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"Nikola Tesla’s achievements in electrical science are monuments that symbolize America as a land of freedom and opportunity [...] Tesla’s mind was a human dynamo that whirled to benefit mankind."

David Sarnoff (1891–1971) a pioneer in radio and television.

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"... all scientific men will be delighted to extend their warmest congratulations to Tesla and to express their appreciation of his great contributions to science."

Ernest Rutherford, (1871-1937) nuclear physicist from New Zealand, the "father" of nuclear physics.

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"Tesla is entitled to the enduring gratitude of mankind."

Arthur Compton (1892 1962) won the Nobel Prize in Physics 1927.

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"I am sending [Dr. Tesla]... my gratitude and my respect in overflowing measure."

Robert Millikan, (1868 1953) American experimental physicist who won the 1923 Nobel Prize.

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"We think of his contribution much oftener than that of Ampere and Ohm ... the induction motor and our power system are enduring monuments to Nikola Tesla."

Dr. E.F.W. Alexanderson (1878-1975) was an electrical engineer and television pioneer who developed a high-frequency alternator.

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"Tesla did more to excite interest and create an intelligent understanding [of radio frequencies] than anyone else. ... [Tesla was] a man who we are now compelled in the light of modern experience and knowledge, to admit was a prophet ... [He] was so far ahead of his time the best of us then mistook him for a dreamer."

John Stone Stone, (1869 1943) physicist and inventor. Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the AIEE, May 18, 1917 – at the presentation of the Edison Medal to Nikola Tesla

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"If you let me I’ll express with an image, Maxwell has across great depth, which separate light and heat from one side, and magnetism and electricity from other side, throw one wire... Today Tesla builds a bridge by which you could without any danger cross from heat and light into magnetism and electricity."

Djordje Stanojevic, (1858-1921) Serbian physicist, the reputable professor of The Grand School in Belgrade and the pioneer of electrification in Serbia.

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