Tesla - Neverending Story

Tesla - Neverending Story
Student Paper Contest and Conference

Call for Papers

Applicants should send an essay on topic "Tesla - Neverending Story" and paper that covers technical and engineering aspects of a subject reasonably within or related to the electrical engineering, which includes telecommunications, power engineering, automatics, robotics, electronics, computer science...

Up to 40 students will be invited to the conference.


  • To meet a huge number of requests the Organizing Committee has decided to allow the participants to register and to send the essays joined to their papers until June 10th!
  • June 10th  for papers

The conference will be held in Belgrade from July 8th to 16th, and will include finals of paper contest, series of lectures dedicated to Nikola Tesla, attendance to the central celebration of 150 years of Tesla's birth, weekend excursion to the mountain resort in Serbia...

All expenses during the conference will be covered by the organizers!

Jury consisted of eminent professors from University of Belgrade (IEEE Fellows, IEEE Chapters officials...) will evaluate the submitted papers and do the selection in case of too many entries.

Best papers will be awarded:

1st prize - 1000$
2nd prize - 500$
3rd prize - 300$